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This was the only way I would allow my son to go to school. 

Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2021

This product works amazingly. It blows filtered air so that he could breathe more comfortably. Not sure if it’s going to withstand the beating of a 5 year old in school but until that day comes when it breaks down, I know he’ll be okay. It did not come with the wrist band. I bought a clip to attach to his hip. His first day using it at school the hose kept detaching from the mask, so he pushed it all the way through the whole. The air blows through perfectly and battery lasted the entire 7 hours of school and still had 1 bar left. So I imagine it should last 10hrs.


So happy about this product & the vendor did a hreat job to help me solve a problem.

Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2021

A friend is a Physician's Assistant and an official Covid-19 Tester has used it for 7 months and loves it because she has been very protected and can breathe well all day. She has not gotten covid. I was disappointed that this 1 and 2 others did not charge up and had to return them. I called the Broad vendor. The customer service agent told me there is a plastic tab the covers the battery & contact area. It had to be removed for the battery to work. Now they are all working like it should! I am so happy we can be protected from covid and breathe freely through the HEPA filter and not feel stifled in a regular surgical mask.

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Amazing difference for allergy sufferers

Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2021
We have acreage and I do most of the mowing, but during allergy season I dread mowing.. I found this and figured I’d try it.... amazing difference!!! Before I tried this the day after mowing I’d feel like I had a cold my allergies were that bad. Now I feel good after mowing. This it totally worth the money.

AMelissa Zimmer

Amazing Mask!

Reviewed in the United States on October 21, 2020

I’ve had the air pro past for the three months and use it daily at the hospital. It’s feels amazing to have fresh filtered air pumped into my mask. I have wrapped a kn95 mask on the respirator for added protection. I have seven masks that I rotate daily and seven masks for the respirator that I also rotate daily. I add a new mask to the rotation once it becomes soiled. It looks funny and I get lots of questions, but it makes me feel safe and feels great. It was a gem to have recently during the fires and horrible air quality.

J. Pappas

 Like air conditioning for your face!

Reviewed on June 16, 2020

I can finally wear a mask with glasses and have them NOT fog up! Been waiting for this a long time, been having problems with mask/glasses for years, this is the best thing after a PAPR (which cost maybe $2000). Uses a disposable N95 mask which has +/-, the filter unit doesn't seem like it would live through being dropped, the arm band is too small for my arm, and it smells funny, but I love it! As someone who has to wear masks for stuff other than covid19, but hates it, this is the best solution so far. 


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