Broad Airpro Mask Tech Show and Efficiency Test

Everyone has been wearing them for quite awhile and we are no strangers to it.

The mask can isolate particles and second-hand smoke in a complex environment, and also protect us against germs.

but its shortcomings are also very obvious.

Not only do they cause stuffiness, but they need to be replaced regularly.

Then, is there any way to solve this problem?  

Broad Airpro mask is the solution, you will not have that stuffy feeling at all.

On the contrary, you can breathe very easily.

You may be very curious, what is the difference between the AirPro Mask and ordinary masks?

This is a portable mobile fresh air unit. It can filter PM2.5 and aerosol containing virus by 99.9%, and the filtered air will be continuously delivered into the mask.

What? You don’t believe me? Seeing is believing

Let's test its filtration efficiency.

Using the Air Monitor, we can detect the air quality of the surrounding environment.

You can see the numbers are rising steadily.

Next, let’s put the Air Monitor at the air outlet and detect again.

Based on these two results, we can calculate that the filter efficiency is as high as 99.9%.

Look through the other side of this glass box. It is already full of smoke.

Let’s turn the AirPro Mask on, put it in the box, and see how its smoke removal effect is.

The smoke is slowly disappearing. It's amazing that this small fresh air unit has such a high purification efficiency.

Then how does it provide positive air flow?

Let's take a look.

It relies on the internal fan to run continuously, to produce a slightly-positive pressure air flow, so that the pressure inside the mask, is always higher than the outside of the mask,

preventing droplets and germs from entering the mask through the gap.

The AirPro Mask is not only comfortable to wear, but also the best tool to prevent COVID-19.

There are flexible ways to wear the AirPro Mask.

With one charge, it can last up to 10 hours.

Making the mask a smart wearable device. that can be used over and over.

Wearing a mask is the new normal, but with the help of technology, we can come up with creative ways to make it more comfortable.