Broad Airpro Mask Wear Tips Combat Covid-19

Tip 1.  Wear Airpro unit under coat.

Instead stick Airpro mask on armband,  you can use neck strap to hang the unit.

Wear airpro

Then wear coat, keep Airpro unit under coat. the coat will be the first level filter to prevents droplets and fluids.

Wear Broad Airpro mask

Forget this man, come from other world

Tip 2. Add extra pre-filter

sample add pre-filter to keep HEPA filter clean and extant the HEPA filter time; Use 100% cotton T-shirt or kitchen towel,cut to the airpro cover size, Cover it on. 


Tip 3. Apply double-sided skin tape around the contour of mask

I was wear five different mask on pass month, 3M N95 8210 was the best seal and comfort, I feel the mask stick on my face when take it off, So found the stick martial on the around the contour of the mask to create the required seal. then I google DIY mask, the double-side skin tape are the option for mask DIY. Try it.


Tip 4. Mask clean and disinfection;

Water wash the air tube and disinfecting wipe towel to wipe the Airpro unit. using DIY Ozone bag to disinfect all of then. Check our other blog for how to DIY mask disinfection bag .

Bottom line

The World Health Organization reminds everyone that wear mask, especially surgical masks cannot protect you from COVID-19 when used alone. Proper hand hygiene, mask removal, and disposal are also important, along with other preventive measures. 
Make sure you always wear your mask with the thin bendable wire pressed against your nose bridge. Wearing it the wrong way will reduce its effectiveness.