Instruction for Assembling Airpro Mask


 Please follow these steps to ensure optimum performance of your AirPro Mask:

  1. Package Check: Make sure the plastic seal around the package is intact.
  2. Air hose and joint cleaning: Rinse the air tubes and mask joints with warm water and soap, and air dry to fully dry prior to connecting to the mask.
  3. Connect Mask to air tube: Insert the plastic mask joint through the mask and connect the air tube to mask joint on the outside of mask. *Please do not insert the tube through the mask first.
  4. Connect air tube to AirPro Unit: the other end the air tube connects to the AirPro unit air supply port. If need, use the short air tube and the tube joint to extend air tubes length. short air tube should connect to AirPro unit, then connect long air tube and short air tube use the tube joint.
  5. Remove battery separation film: Make sure remove the plastic battery separation film on the back of the AirPro unit before charging battery.
  6. Charging: Connect the USB cable to a standard 5V USB power source (Such as cellphone charger, USB port on computer) and connect other end to the micro USB port on the side of the AirPro Unit.
  7. Battery Indicator: The blue battery indicator will be blinking if the unit charging. Normal charging time is 4~6hours. Each blue light indicates 25% of Battery and four blue battery indicator will be solid when full charged.
  8. Prime the filter: After the AirPro is fully charged, hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on, let it run for 1~2 hours before wearing to prime the filter.
  9. Wearing: Connect the lanyard to the Velcro hang hole or the AirPro hang hole, Attached the Velcro to the back of AirPro, use lanyard to hang the AirPro on your chest, or attach the AirPro to the arm band, put on the face mask with the air tube connected;
  10. Ready for use. Hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on. After AirPro run, press power button will switch the air speed, press 3 times, AirPro unit turn off.

HEPA Filter Replacement


 Mask DIY


Make air tube clip to avoid the face mask fall off and air tube damage